living the best life possible
with fibromyalgia

[This month’s lesson for November 2011]

Happy Thanksgiving

living the best life possible with fibromyalgia

(A new spiritual approach)






This month’s “Joint Lesson Experience for Thanksgiving Month” is very flexible and straightforward to follow and use, for all who want to know more about themselves and others in their lives, plus knowing how to support YOURSELF and your loved ones in the best ways possible. Through using this lesson for achieving further growth and personal freedom through bringing greater balance to the spiritually mature adult by using the following principles and exercises in our

Lesson for our Spiritual Community.




(Our outstandingly inspiring works of art are by Josephine Wall. Thank you Ms. Wall for allowing us to benefit from your exquisite talent!)


God loves us all very much and yet we often forget this simple yet powerful truth. Let us remember to remember!

I live in the Kingdom of God

Every day

Finding healing peace in

Every way





Perhaps if you have had similar experiences, you might wish to share?


●I would also like to say, a heart filled Thank you and appreciation to those that send me e-mails of how these lessons have helped you and helped make your lives easier. It is for this, our spiritual growth together, that I do what I do. Your personal encouragement helps me greatly. Again, thank you and God bless you all.


●Please remember in all of these writings and sharing, that what is true for me is true for us all. We are all equal, but unique. What works for you, and resonates with your inner truth, please accept and use. If it does not just let it go.


● Please click on our exceptionally educational Lesson In Spiritual Truth for added personal and spiritual truths to guide you in your grand journey towards Self-Realization and God-Realization. So that you can be the best YOU, you can be, and so that you can live your life filled with endless and eternal positive possibilities for the best life possible.


●Also review the collection of monthly lessons


●I have written a book, a 151 page book of daily lessons for living a life you desire, a life full of love and well being, fun and happiness, indeed, I call this "The Happiness Book". It is my book of lessons for accepting the wellbeing and happiness everyone desires and can have. For more information go to the Happiness Book page.


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