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[This month’s lesson for November 2011]

Happy Thanksgiving





(Bringing greater balance to the spiritually mature adult by practicing the healing and transforming power of gratitude and thanksgiving)

My intent for this month’s joint lesson experience, is to find truths that we can use during this special time of year, and further enhance by using the power of gratitude and thanksgiving. You will find great statements of truth to use for a lifetime of affirming your personally important truths to yourself, daily. This month is filled with truths and divine practices to use (instantly) whenever we need guidance, wisdom and help that is above and beyond this world’s limited way of thinking, doing, and reacting. Living our daily life, and at the same time, rising above all mistaken beliefs in lack and limitation.


God and Man


        The truth is that each of us is made in the perfect image and likeness of God.

All major religious thought systems—primal energy—the absolute cause of all that is good. Our life must have an original cause of that life—a supreme consciousness that is AWARE of the creation of life that it created. Which WE CALL GOD.

You are a reflection of this divine cause. You are the effect of this divinely original cause of life—you are the expression of GOD in living form.

The problem is that we do not fully know who we are as spiritual beings. (1) Knowing who we are is also necessary for our own evolvement. (2) It is very important to teach others who they are.

This month’s “Joint Lesson Experience for Thanksgiving Month” is very flexible and straightforward to follow and use, for all who want to know more about themselves and others in their lives, plus knowing how to support your loved ones in the best ways possible. Through using this lesson for achieving further growth, and personal freedom through bringing greater balance to the spiritually mature adult by using the following principles and exercises for doing so.




Each one of us is made up of a variety of self-images, roles and identities. Many of the countless and varied aspects of ourselves are both neither good nor bad; right nor wrong. The only problem we run into is when we fail to recognize and honor the important values of ourselves that we wish to cultivate and to express in our world.

We ought to be balanced within all aspects of our Spiritual-Personal-God Self—to find true happiness and fulfillment.

* When the various aspects of the personality are cultivated and acted upon from the negative worldly ego-self (the false self that feels separated from God and their good, or one who feels that they are a victim of this world) then these same qualities of the personality are detrimental to ourselves and to others.



When the various aspects of our personality are cultivated from our spiritual nature, we act perfectly to the best of our God-ordained abilities.


THE NEGATIVE-WORLDLY BASED-EGO of this world is without power, is a victim, has a negative attitude, and feels negative feelings. This negative energy is then transferred to others that are in our everyday life experiences, which in turn, usually draws back to us the same experience of negative energy and feeling that we are expressing. This is just, very simply, this world’s normal way of responding to negativity received from another.

THE SPIRITUAL GOD-SELF-EGO of us is our true God-Self, the Self that knows that we are the perfect expression of ALL that God is. The Self that is continually aware of the abundance of goodness and fulfillment. The Self that knows that we are fulfilled right here and now and always will be.

With the following session we will work on using the tools that are necessary to—

* Recognize whether we are expressing ourselves from the limited worldly-ego-self, or from our true God-Self.

* Recognize which image we are expressing, and how to bring that image up to the level of our everyday spiritual expression.



The most important truth that you can spend time working on yourself, is having the ability to know the presence of God within yourself at any time, all of the time. This ability is attained through daily mystical union and contemplative meditational practice.


Each day (during this month or time of practice) make it a practice to join with the internal Presence of God within your mind and heart by desiring only to know God and through knowing God you will know your true spiritual God-Self—thus you are whole right here and now—and throughout eternity.

Since my teens I have loved this study of mysticism because I have found it to be the most positive of all religious teachings—why?—because within the presence of God there is no reason for lack and limitation, no power of negativity, no fear that is greater than love, and no lack of God’s love.

We have only fulfillment, perfection, all-goodness and love within the Mind, Heart and Consciousness of God.

In Divine unity and oneness with God, negativity is personally perceived as a lie, an illusion, a mistake, a misunderstood perception of divine reality.

In Divine oneness, you know that you are a reflection of God’s perfection.

Each time you meditate on God’s presence within you, you become the divinity that you really are. Come to really know this reality through daily union with God’s presence through contemplative meditation. There are all kinds of meditation, though the best I have found is to unite with God’s and our own will, and rest within God’s and our DESIRE OF THE HEART (contemplative practice).

DESIRE OF THE HEART EXERCISE—Become relaxed and plan a quiet time for yourself—from 10 to 20 minutes. As you close your eyes—take a deep breath and relax into yourself. Desire only to know who God is to you personally, desire to know God as a living reality. Rest in God’s presence for as long as you feel necessary.

Now feel yourself—ALL aspects of yourself—as you are as a spiritually perfect Soul in a human body (temple for God). Let yourself—allow yourself—give yourself full and absolute permission to be perfect, complete, and whole—for as long as is comfortable for you.

Then come back to the world around you—bringing with you the added awareness of who you really are. Knowing that every time you practice this exercise that you become more and more who God created you to be!




Living and expressing the spiritualized aspects of our personality and nature—expressed as the qualities of fearlessness; being in control of ourselves and our lives; being courageous and adventuresome adds great value, purpose, and meaning to our personal spiritual growth, and these very same qualities become an important contribution to the betterment of the world around us.

Affirm that your daily life is a divine adventure—

“My life is the divine adventure of living God’s perfection in expression!”

Do what needs be done—not from a fearful, lacking in confidence worldly ego—but from knowing that it is the STRENGTH and DIVINE ORDER of GOD WORKING THROUGH YOU and WITH YOU.

Personal note—(My mother and I had the greatest time traveling through Europe—by using these affirmations whenever we felt afraid or unsure of ourselves.)

DAILY EXERCISES—In the morning—as you sit quietly and ponder the positive day before you—say the following affirmation to yourself.

“Today is another divine adventure!”

Let yourself feel real excitement for your day. Let yourself experience the divine adventure of your life, as one who is a spiritual being, living in this human temple of our living Father-Mother God.

If you are facing a situation that is a challenge to you—change that negative situation into a positive one by affirming—





One of the advantages of being fully evolved spiritually is to be able to (freely) feel alive within the framework of who you are as a spirit in form and expression. When this aspect of ourselves is hidden or not allowed to be expressed, our aliveness and inner creativity are blocked.



UNCONDITIONAL LOVE—As you join with the Presence of God within your heart, you become free to feel and express unconditional love to all others that you encounter.

Scriptures say that the way to illumination, to the Kingdom of Heaven, is found through (spending time) being in love with God and to do all that you do out of your great love for God.

The earthly ego says that it will love only if it gets what it wants in return, or if it feels safe to be loving—this kind of love is very conditional—which is the majority of love that people are feeling and experiencing. Perhaps this is why people are so unhappy!

BE LOVE because the universal cause (God) created you out of unconditional-abundant love. Live in, live by, and radiate out this love because this is your reality and your destiny.


“I, your Father-Mother God …

Will always guide you into a deeper level and higher vista of My adventures of life and learning this winter’s season. To My brave new mystics of this world and time, to you I AM thankful for your presence joined with My Presence, for your being a part of My enlightened journey and eternal adventure.

What a blessing it is that you have chosen to join with Me, so we can journey together on this mystical path of enlightenment and illumination. Not only for your own growth but also for the growth of the consciousness of this world.

I love you always within the infinite sphere of My consciousness of perfection and wholeness.

Your loving Mother-Father God.”


I am feeling great gratitude for all of you, my enlightened friends along this incredible Path!

I am so sorry for the lateness of this lesson. I had the chance to grow past extreme frustrations when my computer (that is set up for my writings) has become very ill.

Dr. Sandra Masters




Using Contemplative-Prayer and Meditation as a Daily Practice

The statements and affirmations of truth that we meditate on and pray about, we do become, with time and practice. Quietly repeating God’s truth to yourself for five to thirty minutes, as often as desired.

As we slowly and peacefully repeat a divine truth to our inner selves, we will find ourselves feeling the reality of the divine truth that we are focusing on in an easy and natural way. Our statement of truth can also be used as an affirmation that you write out and place where you can see it, to say to yourself often during the day. Thus, continually reminding yourself of the truth with which you are working.

Our Statement of Truth Exercise:

Relax into this month’s Statement of Truth’s reality and repeat it slowly until at peace, until you feel filled and surrounded with God’s presence of unconditional love, peace, truth, and joy. Then rest for as long as possible in this reality. Whenever necessary have a mini-meditation and prayer time with God who dwells within your heart, mind, and spirit!


*Our outstandingly inspiring works of art are by Josephine Wall. Thank you Ms. Wall for allowing us to benefit from your exquisite talent!


Always remember that:

Every day during 2011

I live in the reality

of the Kingdom of Heaven.

With my heart’s acknowledgement

I journey on the Path

of Eternal Enlightenment.







Perhaps if you have had similar experiences, you might wish to share?




●I would also like to say, a heart filled Thank you and appreciation to those that send me e-mails of how these lessons have helped you and helped make your lives easier. It is for this, our spiritual growth together, that I do what I do. Your personal encouragement helps me greatly. Again, thank you and God bless you all.



●Please remember in all of these writings and sharing, that what is true for me is true for us all. We are all equal, but unique. What works for you, and resonates with your inner truth, please accept and use. If it does not just let it go.


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