Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My name is Olin K. Smith, aka OK Smith or Smitty, and I am building a place to store and share some of my ideas so others might find some interesting concepts that I have developed over the years and found of value.

I have a very strong life’s paradigm that rests on the importance of the individual and their relationships, and the realization that these relationships form an extremely complex web connecting all. Building on this paradigm are models of Living Systems, theories of Networks, and a deep concern surrounding the power based on one’s understanding of Consciousness.

The root of my paradigm is found in my early, strong spiritual, approach to daily living. I grew up in a very loving family that gave me guidance and an understanding of the importance of self and our interest in relationships. Growth continued, fired through continuing education and experience practicing Chemical Engineering, Naval Service, Operations Research, Quality Control and most recently the Ministry.

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