Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My name is Sandra Masters, and I am building a place to store and share some of my ideas concerning meditation, consciousness, spirituality and who God really is, so others might find some interesting concepts that I have developed over the years and found of value.

Starting at a very young age, especially in my early teens, I discovered that I naturally had an intense yearning to know who God really is on a personal intimate level, and to also know who I was as one who is made in the perfect image and likeness of God. I am happy to say that this most incredible and inspiring life-expanding journey is still in process, and I imagine and hope that it always will be! I can honestly say that every day of my life is, and has been, a most amazing adventure filled with life-transforming questions and answers as to “how to” live life in a more spiritually advantageous manner.

For this reason I sincerely desire to convey the same excitement that I have experienced throughout the years creating my own inner experience and realizing our oneness with the Presence of God! I desire to share with you the experience of personally knowing the living, and very real Presence of God, Who always resides within our own innermost beingness. And, by so doing, you will find yourself to be one of the most exceptional persons you have ever had the good fortune to know!

I have begun to satisfy this growing desire with the publishing of my new book entitled “The Happiness Book” expressing that, within each of us is an inner divine self, our True-God-Self, who longs to be free of the imprisonment and bondage of our own limited beliefs about God, about ourselves, about our lives, and about others. These limited and false beliefs are the outgrowth of a world that is ignorant of its own spiritual heritage.

For more details and information on this new book, click on the Happiness Book link below.


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