Mother-father god's daily affirmative  practice

For a new daily spiritual practice we have a 31- day calendar of daily affirmations, and Statement of Truth Meditations (if you choose to use them in this way), to use on a specific subject of importance to us all. Every three to four months we will start working with a new subject of spiritual value to study. Using three to four months of intense study on a precise spiritual study will give us the time needed to saturate our consciousness with these truths that we are working with everyday. These affirmations are from the all-knowing mind and all-loving nature of God’s presence within my heart and mind, for the best for us all, as God’s unique daily affirmative practice.

1. The earth is God's and the fullness thereof. 2. God is all-fulfillment. 3. God and I are one. 4, God's all-fulfillment and I are one. 5.In my oneness with God--I have it all 6. All of my needs are fulfilled (right here and now). 7. I let go of all fear, I let God fill me with divine ideas for prosperity.
8. Within the Kingdom of God, I am fulfilled. 9. Right here and now, I live in the consciousness of God. 10. As I give of my positive nature, I receive all-goodness. 11. Infinite fulfillment is mine. 12 I breathe out all fear--I breathe in all-fulfillment
13. God loves me unconditionally. 14. God cares for me and mine unconditinally.
15. This world is filled with many illusions, mistakes and lies -be aware. 16. I live, move and have my being in God's consciousness of prosperity. 17. I am fulfilled right here and now. 18. I am filled with divine ideas for success (right here and now). 19. I am infinitely prosperous right here and now. 20. All that I need is mine right here and now. 21. My life, on all levels, is fulfilled.
22. All that I need and desire is mine within the consciousness of God. 23. God is my financial advisor. 24. God is my healer on all levels. 25. God is my constant helper and caretaker. 26. God's will is for my success and fulfillment. 27. My mind is one with the all-knowing mind of God. 28. I live, move and have my being in infinite success.
29. Every day I am experiencing the inner energy (reality) of God's success 30. I am one with God's infinite sucess and fulfillment. 31. In my oneness with God, I am at peace.