About the "The Happiness Book"

Throughout this book, the tools of daily spiritual study and the actual putting into practice specific spiritual practices, through suggested meditations and exercises, is used as a vehicle to help strip away the layers of limited thought and belief from our human psyche, so that we will be free to be the Spiritually Perfect Being that we are all created to be.

At the center of ourselves we find a divine Self who is naturally loving, virtuous, and perfect. It is this true, divine Self that we seek to uncover through the daily practices that are contained within this book of study-course lessons. Each lesson is specifically geared towards experiencing a literal and intimate knowledge of God. Through the daily experience of attaining oneness with the Presence of God, you will also come to see, realize, and know the reality of who you are as made in the perfect image and likeness of God. Only by knowing who you really are through the art of meditation and daily spiritual practices—can you be who you are really meant to be in this life. The beautiful journey that takes you within yourself brings you face to face with your true Self, a divine Self, who is the perfect incarnation of God’s Presence expressed within the beauty of your individual and unique Self. Learning to live this grand, divine manifestation of the personal spiritual expression of God that you are, is the only way to achieve the freedom that you desire from all of the hurts, pain, and insecurities of this world. How wonderful it is to awaken one day and look at yourself and there you see, feel, and know that you are the living expression of all of the perfection that you have ever yearned to be!

These ten study-course lessons will address the need for daily spiritual disciplines and practices that are used for the attainment of spiritual enlightenment in our everyday western world.

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